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LISA: Library and Information Science Abstracts

LISA: Library and Information Science Abstracts is an international abstracting and indexing tool designed for library professionals and other information specialists.

LISA currently abstracts over 440 periodicals from more than 68 countries and in more than 20 different languages.

Subject Coverage
    Major areas of coverage include:
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Book reviews
    • CD-ROMs
    • Computer science applications
    • Information centres
    • Information management
    • Information science
    • Information storage
    • Information technology
    • Internet technology
    • Knowledge management
    • Librarianship
    • Libraries and archives
    • Library management
    • Library technology
    • Library use and users
    • Medical information
    • Online information retrieval
    • Publishing and bookselling
    • Records management
    • Telecommunications
    • Technical services
    • World Wide Web
Dates of Coverage
    1969 - current
Update Frequency
    Every two weeks, with more than 500 records added per update.
    Over 0 records as of May 2013
    An online thesaurus is available.
Print Equivalent
    Library and Information Science Abstracts, 0024-2179
    789 E. Eisenhower Parkway
    P.O. Box 1346
    Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346
    Tel: +1-734-761-4700
Sample Record
    TI: Title
    An overview of readers' advisory service with evaluations of related Websites
    AU: Author
    Schultz, K
    SO: Source
    Acquisitions Librarian; (23) 2000, p.21-33
    IS: ISSN
    AB: Abstract
    Contribution to a thematic issue devoted to the Internet and acquisitions. As readers' advisors, librarians attempt to match users with books they will enjoy. Typically done with fiction, this service is important for 2 reasons: fiction circulation figures are consistently high in public libraries; and users often rely on recommendations for fiction reading material since the contents of novels are not as clearcut as non fiction books, which are sorted by subject. To be successful advisors, librarians must know their collections and their users' reading preferences, and then bridge the two. Librarians can learn their users' reading preferences using specific interview techniques, and they can learn their collections using readers' advisory aids such as the latest Web resources. (Original abstract - amended)
    FE: Features
    LA: Language
    PY: Publication Year
    DE: Descriptors
    Acquisitions; Selection aids; World Wide Web; Web sites; Evaluation; Libraries; User services; Readers advisory work
    SH: Shelfmark
    UD: Update
    AN: Accession Number
Field Codes
    The following field codes are found in the records of this database. Here they are listed in alphabetical order by two-letter code.

    AB = Abstract KW = Keywords
    AN = Accession Number LA = Language
    AU = Author PY = Publication Year
    DE = Descriptors RL = Resource Location
    FE = Features SH = Shelfmark (British Library)
    IB = ISBN SO = Source
    IS = ISSN TI = Title
    JN = Journal Name UD = Update

    Keywords, KW=
    In this database a Keywords, KW= , search includes the Title, Abstract, and Descriptors fields.

    Browsable Indexes
    A browsable index is an alphabetical listing of terms used in a specific field of a database. You can browse this list to see, for example, the names of journals indexed in LISA. Browsable indexes are available for the following fields:
    Journal Name