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Plugging Into the Future: Smart Grids
(Released November 2009)

  by Marianne Stanczak  


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advanced metering infrastructure: refers to systems that measure, collect and analyze energy usage from advanced devices such as electricity meters through communication systems such as software

demand response: a reaction to the changes in electricity; works hand-in-hand with real-time monitoring

distributed automation: automated control of distribution of the electric power grid; the extension of intelligent control over electrical power grid functions to the distribution level and beyond

kWh - kilowatt hour: amount of power consumed/generated over a period of one hour

real-time monitoring: the ability to track changes in electricity demand as they occur

smart meter: device used to replace current electric meters and work in cooperation with a smart grid; has electronic display and allows consumer and power company to interact

synchrophasors: devices that provide a real-time measurement of electrical quantities from across a power system