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> ABCs of RFID
> Automotive Transmissions: Efficiently Transferring Power from Engine to Wheels
> Biofuels: What Place in Our Energy Future?
> A Brief History of Copper
> Capturing the Wind: Power for the 21st Century
> Columbia Shuttle Tragedy
> From Building Design to Prime Time: Forensic Engineering
> Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Technology and Cars
> Grid Computation: the Fastest Super Computer in the World
> Hydrogen Storage
> MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)
> Multicore Processors: A Necessity
> Nanomaterials: It's a Small, Small World
> Plastic Highway Bridges
> The Protection of Public Facilities against Terrorist Attacks
> Publish or Perish: Afterlife of a Published Article
> Quantum Cryptography: Privacy Through Uncertainty
> Rapid Manufacturing
> Scientific Communication and the Dematerialization of Scholarship
> The Space Shuttle and Its Replacement
> Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
> Titanium
> Why Not the Sun? Advantages of and Problems with Solar Energy
> Bioceramics
> Steel vs. Light Metals in Automotive Weight Reduction

The Discovery Guides Series provides a sampling of the resources of CSA and CSA Illumina.