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Social Sciences
> Alzheimer's Disease: A Family Affair and a Growing Social Problem
> The Bad News Bearers: The Most Difficult Assignment in Law Enforcement
> China and the Path to Environmental Sustainability
> Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals
> The Drain of Public Prison Systems and the Role of Privatization
> Ebonics: American Shibboleth
> Environmental Economics: Basic Concepts and Debates
> Environmental Refugees: How Many, How Bad?
> Forgive Us Our Trespasses? The Rise of Consumer Debt in Modern America
> The Future is Now: U.S. Small Businesses Overcome Export Barriers
> God, Humanity, and Nature: Comparative Religious Views of the Environment
> India and the Path to Environmental Sustainability
> Internet Publishing and Digital Rights: The Changing Balance between Access and Ownership
> An Introduction to Breakaway Regions of the Former Soviet Union
> Language Origins: Did Language Evolve Like the Vertebrate Eye, or Was It More Like Bird Feathers?
> Linguistics and the Law
> The Medicolegal Death Investigator: An Evolution in Crime Scene Investigations Relating to Unexpected Deaths
> Multiracial Identity and the U.S. Census
> Nuclear Nonproliferation
> The Promise of Microfinance for Poverty Relief in the Developing World
> Recent Tensions between Russia and the West
> Scourge of a Continent: AIDS, HIV Prevention, and the Relief Effort in Africa
> Shopping for Faith or Dropping Your Faith? The Rational Choice Theory of Religion
> Scientific Literacy
> Since Roe v. Wade: American Public Opinion and Law on Abortion
> Terrorism: Security and Ambiguity
> Violent Obstacles to Democratic Consolidation in Three Countries: Guatemala, Colombia, and Algeria
> Holy Y2K! Millennial Cults and TEOTWAWKI
> Gender and the Internet: Sex, Sexism, and Sexuality

The Discovery Guides Series provides a sampling of the resources of CSA and CSA Illumina.