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Discovery Guides brief you in the basics of a subject and offer recent insights, while providing the technological tools to enhance your understanding.

Each Discovery Guide links to CSA products that help you find pertinent information, discover publishing opportunities, identify scholars, and create a personal database.

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> ABC's Of Allergies
> Adelard's Questions and Ockham's Razor: Connections between Medieval Philosophy and Modern Science
> Agricultural Trade
> Alternative Vehicle Fuels
> Alzheimer's Disease: A Family Affair and a Growing Social Problem
> The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative
> Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis)
> Aquaculture Impacts on the Environment
> Arsenic: An Abundant Natural Poison
> Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
> Asbestos in the United States: Occurrences, Use and Control
> Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
> The Bad News Bearers: The Most Difficult Assignment in Law Enforcement
> Biofuels: What Place in Our Energy Future?
> Biofouling: It's Not Just Barnacles Anymore
> A Brief History of Copper
> Brownfields: The Financial, Legislative and Social Aspects of the Redevelopment of Contaminated Commercial and Industrial Properties
> Bugs in Our Guts, Not All Bacteria Are Bad: How Probiotics Keep Us Healthy
> Cancer Vaccines
> Capturing the Wind: Power for the 21st Century
> Cassini visits Enceladus: New light on a bright world
> Cars, Light Trucks and CAFE Standards
> The Cassini-Huygens Mission: Lifting the Veil of Secrecy
> Censorship and Controversy in Contemporary Art
> China and the Path to Environmental Sustainability
> Climate Models and Global Climate Change
> Columbia Shuttle Tragedy
> The Death Detectives - the Ultimate Forensic Investigators
> Defining Sustainability, Defining the Future
> Dimethylsulfide Emission: Climate Control by Marine Algae?
> Diffuse Interstellar Bands: A Cosmic Mystery
> Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals
> Domestic Water Conservation: Greywater, Rainwater, and Other Innovations
> The Drain of Public Prison Systems and the Role of Privatization
> Ecotourism: The Promise and Perils of Environmentally-Oriented Travel
> Ebonics: American Shibboleth
> The El Niño Phenomenon: From Understanding to Predicting
> Electricity Efficiency and Deregulation
> The Endangered Species Act
> Environmental Economics: Basic Concepts and Debates
> Environmental Refugees: How Many, How Bad?
> European Fisheries History: Pre-industrial Origins of Overfishing
> Exploring Remote Sensing Through Forestry Applications
> The Expressionist Animal Painter Franz Marc
> Forgive Us Our Trespasses? The Rise of Consumer Debt in Modern America
> From Building Design to Prime Time: Forensic Engineering
> From the Middle Ages to Modern Science
> The Future is Now: U.S. Small Businesses Overcome Export Barriers
> Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?
> Geothermal Energy: Drilling Beneath the Surface of Our Energy Dilemma
> Global Environmental Governance
> Global Oil Supply and United States Energy Policy
> Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Technology and Cars
> Global Warming & the Kyoto Protocol
> God, Humanity, and Nature: Comparative Religious Views of the Environment
> The Golden Age of Jewish American Literature
> Green Buildings: Conserving the Human Habitat
> Grid Computation: the Fastest Super Computer in the World
> Hidden Histories: the Story of Sustainable Design
> Highways and Environmental Impact
> Hydrogen Storage
> Hydrothermal Vent Communities
> Ice Core Proxy Methods for Tracking Climate Change
> India and the Path to Environmental Sustainability
> Internet Publishing and Digital Rights: The Changing Balance between Access and Ownership
> An Introduction to Breakaway Regions of the Former Soviet Union
> Language Origins: Did Language Evolve Like the Vertebrate Eye, or Was It More Like Bird Feathers?
> Linguistics and the Law
> Lost in Cyberspace:The BBC Domesday Project and the Challenge of Digital Preservation
> Management of National Parks
> The Medicolegal Death Investigator: An Evolution in Crime Scene Investigations Relating to Unexpected Deaths
> Methylmercury Contamination in Fish and Shellfish
> Microbicides: STD Protection With or Without Contraception
> MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)
> Multicore Processors: A Necessity
> Multiracial Identity and the U.S. Census
> NAFTA Environmental Issues
> Nanomaterials: It's a Small, Small World
> Natural Miracles: What Functional Foods Can Do for You?
> Not Continental Drift but Plate Tectonics
> The Northern Snakehead: An Invasive Fish Species
> (NO?) Strings Attached: Female guitarists in contemporary music
> Nuclear Energy Issues
> Nuclear Nonproliferation
> Ocean Gardening Using Iron Fertilizer
> Ocean Policy
> Performing Identity in the Digital Age
> Photographic Portraiture and the Work of Richard Avedon
> Planetary Defense: Preventing a World of Trouble
> Plastic Highway Bridges
> Plugging Into the Future: Smart Grids
> Population Growth
> The Promise of Microfinance for Poverty Relief in the Developing World
> The Protection of Public Facilities against Terrorist Attacks
> Publish or Perish: Afterlife of a Published Article
> Quantum Cryptography: Privacy Through Uncertainty
> Radon in Drinking Water
> Rapid Manufacturing
> Recent Tensions between Russia and the West
> Renewable Energy
> A Revolutionary Reading List: The Intellectual Tradition that Influenced the U.S. Founding Fathers
> Scourge of a Continent: AIDS, HIV Prevention, and the Relief Effort in Africa
> Seahorses: Flagships of Our Coasts
> Shopping for Faith or Dropping Your Faith? The Rational Choice Theory of Religion
> The Speed of Gravity: Einstein Was Right!
> Since Roe v. Wade: American Public Opinion and Law on Abortion
> Scientific Communication and the Dematerialization of Scholarship
> Scientific Literacy
> The Space Shuttle and Its Replacement
> Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
> Terrorism: Security and Ambiguity
> The Thin Red Line: Social Power & the Open Body
> Thyroid Hormone Disorders
> Titanium
> Tracking down the Footprints of Bipolar Disorder
> Tsunamis and the International Response:
Economic, Social and Environmental Dimensions
> Two Invasive Insect Species from Asia
> Venice and the Environmental Hazards of Coastal Cities
> Violent Obstacles to Democratic Consolidation in Three Countries: Guatemala, Colombia, and Algeria
> Wetlands: History & Restoration
> What Are Stem Cells?
> Why Not the Sun? Advantages of and Problems with Solar Energy
> Wildfires, Fuel Loads, & Forest Mgt
> Agriculture
> Alzheimer's Disease
> Arthritis
> Automotive Transmissions: Efficiently Transferring Power from Engine to Wheels
> Bald Eagle Recovery
> Bioceramics
> Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Rise of An Occupational Illness
> Cattle & Grazing
> The Effects of El Nino on Marine Life
> Emissions Reduction
> Endangered Species
> Energy
> Environmental Science & Technology
> Environmental Trade
> Exotic Species
> Food Safety
> Forest Issues
> Gender and the Internet: Sex, Sexism, and Sexuality
> The Genetic Component of Osteoporosis
> Holy Y2K! Millennial Cults and TEOTWAWKI
> Imaging Imagination
> The Immunology of Aging
> Maritime Issues
> The Molecular Genetics of Circadian Clocks
> Natural Disasters: Prepare, Mitigate, Manage
> The Neurobiology of Sleep
> Ozone Depletion
> Population & the Ocean
> Protected Lands
> Regulatory Reform
> Risk Analysis and Risk Management
> Steel vs. Light Metals in Automotive Weight Reduction
> Transportation
> Waste Disposal
> Waste Management
> Water Resource
> Wetlands
> Y2K Policy & Compliance

The Discovery Guides Series provides a sampling of the resources of CSA and CSA Illumina.